Primal Play 101: Waking the Beast

Wiley Wolfe
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Recorded on January 21st, 2021.

Duration: 1 hour, 36 minutes.

Q+A portion omitted for attendees' privacy.

Have you ever experienced the urge to growl, scratch, or howl? Do you feel connected to animalistic energy in a way that does not necessarily resonate with pet play? Does the concept of the hunt, to capture or be captured, entice you? Do you prefer to act in ways that are in tune with your inner instincts?

If so, you might be primal.

Primal Play is a state of mind in which someone sheds their civilized inhibitions and allows themselves to act based on natural instinct and impulse, resulting in raw, often animalistic behavior and energy exchange. This class is designed to introduce you to the concepts, provide vocabulary, and give you the right tools to get started on your primal journey.

You'll learn:

- What it can mean to engage in the primal lifestyle;

- The benefits of tapping into this energy;

- General Primal roles and terminology,

-  How to get to know your primal self,

- Ways to tap into this energy both while alone and with a partner,

- Negotiation tips specific to primal;

- Physical and psychological safety and ethics;

- Types of scenes;

- How primal can relate (and not relate) to traditional BDSM dynamics;

- And more!

The primal lifestyle is a rich, nuanced, and profoundly personal experience. The adventure starts here.

About the Instructor

Mx Wiley Wolfe (she/they/none) is a Professional and Lifestyle Dominant and Ethically Polyamorous Primal Daddy based in Los Angeles. Her Primal identity aligns primarily with the Wolf, though she sometimes draws energy from the Coyote and Hyena as well.

She got her start as a Professional at Sanctuary Studios LAX, where she trained as a submissive, Switch, and finally as a Dominant. She navigated through the lifestyle in the same way.

She is now the Co-Founder of SoCal Creatures, an inclusive pet play group; Quench, a monthly LGBTQIA+ munch; and created the Wolfe Academy of Kink, an online kink education series. Pre-pandemic, she often worked kink taster booths and performed at various clubs and events, including LA Pride, Torture Garden LA, Bar Sinister, and more.

She teaches workshops on many different aspects of BDSM with a particular focus on deepening intention and full immersion animal play. As a gay genderqueer woman, her driving desire is to foster connection, education, ethics, and radical inclusiveness in BDSM.

She welcomes the curious to follow her at-



FetLife: @WileyWolfe

Instagram/Twitter: @wileyxwolfe

TikTok: @daddy.wolfe

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  • Video Recording of Class (with PowerPoint)
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Primal Play 101: Waking the Beast

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